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Three of the Best Universities in the World


Obviously, ranking educational institutions accurately in a quantitative fashion is a difficult (read often impossible) task. Each place can excel in different educational areas and can have various attractions that potential students have to bear in mind – such as lower fees, local nightlife and social considerations or employment opportunities[…]

Teach English

Three Great Places to Teach English Abroad


Teaching English abroad has long been a popular life choice for young people in English speaking countries. With English’s status at the de-facto language of international business, a huge number of middle class and wealthier people from some of the world’s biggest economies are willing to pay good money for[…]

The Qualities Needed to be a Great Teacher


Not every academic can teach, in fact it is a common fact that the higher your IQ, then the less chance that you will make a good teacher. There are of course exceptions to this, but brilliant minds do not necessarily make brilliant teachers. Of course, it is important that[…]

Few facts about private schools


If you are wondering about enrolling your children into private school classes, we have some important facts prepared for you that will answer any question about it. You might have considerations if you can afford it or is it really worth it, so let’s take a look at interesting knowable[…]

Why you should consider studying abroad


Students who decide to use their courage and start a new chapter by going abroad are likely to find advantages along the road. Travelling is what inspires young people to experience the whole new look of the world, it makes them cultural. Here are the positive sides of moving into[…]

How do you Teach Languages – Part 2

Teach Languages

We continue with the second part of our blog series about how to teach languages. In part one we saw that there were two conflicting views on this subject. The first being a more task-based attitude and the second was a more traditional format, using grammar and language rules. Languages[…]

How do you Teach Languages – Part 1

Teach Languages

Teaching languages was once a case of getting students used to the repetitive aspect of continuously saying foreign words until they stuck in the brain. Today things are very different and although there is some parrot-type tuition, languages are mostly taught in a task-based way. As one famous language lecturer[…]

How to Become a Teacher – Part 3

Blog, Teaching Career

Part three and the concluding part of our blog on how to become a teacher looks at what and where you should decide to teach. This largely depends on your qualifications and the type of teaching certificates you have, but planning to become a teacher you should have addressed these[…]

How to Become a Teacher – Part 2

American Education, Blog, Teaching Career

We resume our quest to becoming a teacher by looking at applying for a teaching post once you have achieved your relevant subject and teaching degrees. In part one of how to become a teacher we highlighted the minimum education requirements you will need to pursue your chosen path, now[…]