How do you Teach Languages – Part 1

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Teaching languages was once a case of getting students used to the repetitive aspect of continuously saying foreign words until they stuck in the brain. Today things are very different and although there is some parrot-type tuition, languages are mostly taught in a task-based way. As one famous language lecturer[…]

How to Become a Teacher – Part 3

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Part three and the concluding part of our blog on how to become a teacher looks at what and where you should decide to teach. This largely depends on your qualifications and the type of teaching certificates you have, but planning to become a teacher you should have addressed these[…]

How to Become a Teacher – Part 2

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We resume our quest to becoming a teacher by looking at applying for a teaching post once you have achieved your relevant subject and teaching degrees. In part one of how to become a teacher we highlighted the minimum education requirements you will need to pursue your chosen path, now[…]