How to Become a Teacher – Part 1

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Teaching is one most rewarding careers a person can do, in fact many people would say that teaching is a calling. It is a career that should not just be entered into because of certain grades you achieved in college, rather you should have invested interest in this career path.[…]

The Qualities that are Required to be a Teacher

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Being a teacher is not just about passing exams and obtaining a teaching certificate, there are many qualities that are required by would be teachers above and beyond education certificates. Teaching can be a most rewarding career, which is for the people who have the correct qualities to teach. If[…]

How to Become a Nursery Teacher – Part 1

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The first question to ask yourself if you are thinking of becoming a nursery teacher is why you want to be one? And if the answer is because it is a job and teachers get long holidays, then the best advice is to go and work in a factory. Being[…]

Habits of Successful Teachers


Teaching is one of the most demanding, complicated, and underpaid jobs there is today. It demands a wide range of knowledge of subject matter, curriculum, and standards. It requires you to be enthusiastic, caring, loving, understanding, and stern. With all of these teacher qualities and requirements, it’s no wonder that[…]

Famous Italian Educators


There have been many famous Italians that have been teachers or professors, and there have been many teachers and professors that grew to be famous Italians for their dedication to learning. In this blog we look at the more famous characters that have graced Italian classrooms and have also found[…]

Opportunities for School Leavers in Italy

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Italy has been one of the hardest EU states to be hit by the current economic crisis that began in early 2000. And the impact on youth employment has been prolific, especially of the demographic between the north and south of the country. Since 2009 this unemployment has continued to[…]

The Benefits of Attending Conferences – Part 1

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Conferences have been around for a very long time, long before there were webinars, podcasts, social media, YouTube etc. So, is it really necessary to attend a seminar or conference in person anymore? And what more do you attain from gathering in a live venue to learn and sharpen skill[…]