Habits of Successful Teachers

Habits of Successful Teachers


Teaching is one of the most demanding, complicated, and underpaid jobs there is today. It demands a wide range of knowledge of subject matter, curriculum, and standards. It requires you to be enthusiastic, caring, loving, understanding, and stern. With all of these teacher qualities and requirements, it’s no wonder that it’s hard to find good, successful teachers. Different studies show that the one most important factor in determining the quality of education that a student receives is the quality of his teacher. Becoming a successful teacher doesn’t just happen overnight. In order to become a great teacher, there are things you must do and steps to be taken. Here are some of the habits of very successful teachers.

Being prepared and organized

Successful teachers show up to their classrooms early before their students and are ready to teach. Not only do they show up early, but they’re thoroughly prepared and organized. There’s no messy desk, stacks of papers, or ungraded papers. Their classrooms are organized in such a way to minimize distractions and help their students learn effectively. Organization in the classroom is essential for maintaining a well-run classroom. It is crucial for teachers to stay on top of lesson planning and strategizing in order to keep themselves and their classrooms on track with goals.


Communicating with parents

Great teachers make sure to stay on top of their communication skills, especially with parents. They reach out to parents through conferences and written reports/notes. A successful teacher doesn’t hesitate to pick up the phone to call a parent if they are concerned about a student, because they know that the behavior a child exhibits at school is often a factor of what’s going on at home. When parents and teachers keep in contact with one another, teachers learn more about a student’s needs and home environment. Research shows that the more that parents and teachers share information with each other about the student, the better equipped each party will be to help the student perform better academically. Also, parental involvement allows teachers to focus more on the task of teaching their students.

Mastering your subject

Of course, if you’re going to teach a subject, then you should know a ton about the subject. Teachers should definitely know their subject matter thoroughly, but it is impossible to know any one subject completely. Not only do teachers need to be knowledgeable in the subject that they teach, but they need a wide range of different skills and attitudes in order to better assist their students. Teachers must study and then attempt to organize all of the material in their heads. It is important for teachers to know that they won’t be perfect and there’s no way to know it all, but they can spend a lot of their time trying to master the unknown.

Making time for yourself

While pouring into your students and taking care of home life, it is important to pour back into yourself. There’s no way that you can teach at your best ability and be as productive as possible if you don’t make time to take breaks and refresh your mind. Whether you take a ten minute break during your lunch hour, an hour break after school, or the whole weekend to get yourself together, it is crucial to your success as a teacher. Do something that you really enjoy doing, something that will free your mind from thinking about grading papers or your next lecture. For myself, when I need a break, I enjoy dozens of online games at Plarium.com or Pokerstarscasino.com, watching reruns of my favorite series on Netflix.com, and going for long walks at the park. There are so many things that you can do to free your mind and have some time for yourself, but no matter what you choose, be sure to enjoy it or else you’ll become so burnt out.

Never stop learning

The best educators never stop learning. You can be the best teacher, but there is still always room for improvement, and successful teachers know this. One way that you can continue learning as a teacher is to network with other teachers in the same subject or that teaches the same grade level. You can learn a lot this way. Also, do your research. There are tons of online forums and groups dedicated to teachers. You can share with other teachers your weaknesses, struggles, and strongpoints, and who knows, maybe you all can find a way to help each other. There is always more to learn and take in. Also, learn from your students. Believe it or not, your students can teach you a ton. Never be closed minded in thinking that you can’t learn from a student. One of the best reasons to never stop learning is to master your craft. Mastering your craft will determine how you teach your students. Learning should be apart of your everyday life as a successful teacher.

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