How to Become a Nursery Teacher – Part 1

How to Become a Nursery Teacher – Part 1

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The first question to ask yourself if you are thinking of becoming a nursery teacher is why you want to be one? And if the answer is because it is a job and teachers get long holidays, then the best advice is to go and work in a factory. Being a teacher is a vocation, you need to believe in what you are doing and earnestly want to change the lives of the young people you are teaching.

What is a Nursery School Teacher?

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Nursery teachers are also sometimes termed preschool teachers, and they are the first real form of formal teaching that children encounter in their life. They provide academic instruction and aid social development to prepare young children to enter kindergarten. As well as learning, these teachers provide assistance on nutrition and childcare safety. One of the biggest qualifications for nursery teachers is patience, dealing with young kids, their parents and the establishment can be really demanding. But if you ask many nursery teachers why they do the job they will answer that it can be the most rewarding of all teaching assignments.


People who wish to venture into this form of teaching must possess a High School diploma as a minimum and possibly a Bachelor’s degree. Depending on the school and what country you are applying to become a nursery school teacher, the requirements can be very different. Your education level may have to be as high as a university degree, but a definite requirement is a recognized teaching certificate. And most public schools will require that you have a license to teach cleared by the relevant regulatory bodies.

Key Skills for Nursery Teaching

As well as the correct certifications and licenses a prospective teacher will possibly be asked for prior voluntary work experience. The key skills for this type of teaching are:

  1. Patience
  2. Good verbal skills
  3. Be able to communicate effectively
  4. Teaching skills
  5. Classroom management skills

The Required Steps to Achievement

There are four main stepping stones to become a nursery teacher, to earn your diploma, take a degree in child education, obtain teaching certification and take further education courses.


  1. Earn your diploma – you must have the minimum of a high school diploma to enter this form of teaching. Good courses would be English, and health and safety.
  2. Earn your degree – most state schools require at least an associate’s degree and perhaps a bachelor’s degree. Again, subjects like health and safety are perfectly acceptable.
  3. Obtain teaching certification – you will definitely require a certificate that allows you to teach. These certificates depend on the laws of the country and government restrictions.
  4. Continue learning – you will be asked to continually update your own education on relevant areas that relate to your job. Again such courses would be in current health and safety legislation.

Nobody said that to qualify into the profession of teaching would be easy at any level. It is not the case that if you are teaching younger pupils that the teaching is easier, in fact it brings many complications that higher education does not.