How to Become a Teacher – Part 1

How to Become a Teacher – Part 1

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Teaching is one most rewarding careers a person can do, in fact many people would say that teaching is a calling. It is a career that should not just be entered into because of certain grades you achieved in college, rather you should have invested interest in this career path. So now that has been decided, you have chosen the career you wish to pursue, how do you achieve your aim? How do you actually become a teacher?

The Paths to Becoming a Teacher

There are many paths you can follow to join the teaching profession and these paths will depend on many factors. Including your education and background but most of all you will have to show your desire and motivation to teach. The road to becoming a teacher is not easy, there will be many requirements, background checks, many deep and penetrating interviews and, above all this, the aptitude and passion to teach.


A teacher firstly needs qualifications and most schools and colleges around the world demand a relevant Master’s Degree. The type of degree can vary, but mostly along the lines of a Masters in Teaching or Education with the relevant subject inclusion. It is not enough to have the knowledge of the subjects you wish to teach, teaching is all about getting your knowledge across to the students and this is critical. Some of the best brains in the world have not been able to teach. A teacher does not stop being an educator when they are out of the classroom, unlike say an office worker who ceases to be an office worker as soon as they leave the building. A teacher is a pillar of the community and acts as a role model to provide support not just to the pupils but the community as a whole.

Teacher Credentials

Unlike achieving the minimum qualifications needed to be a banker, a teacher has to first achieve a degree in selected subject and then go on to earn further teaching degrees or diplomas. Different countries have different regulations covering this, some education systems demand a degree in every subject a teacher wants to teach and a teaching degree, others are a little more flexible. Most establishments will require prior teaching experience. A teacher will have to undergo all these requirements before they are finally licensed to teach and can finally look for work. A good way to show your desire to be a teacher whilst achieving all the required certification is to offer your services as a student voluntarily. Many groups such as scouts, church organizations, school summer camps will be glad of the assistance and working for free looks really good on your resume.

In part two we continue our search of how to become a teacher, we look at your teaching career and other options open to you in the education world. Teaching is not just about knowledge, it is also about passion, dedication and care. And unlike the preconception that teaching is all about long holidays and short hours, this could not be further from the truth.