How to Become a Teacher – Part 3

How to Become a Teacher – Part 3

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Part three and the concluding part of our blog on how to become a teacher looks at what and where you should decide to teach. This largely depends on your qualifications and the type of teaching certificates you have, but planning to become a teacher you should have addressed these questions.

What to Teach

At a basic level a teacher must be seen as a font of all knowledge, somebody who knows about every subject and can give advice on all. A teacher cannot possibly be this on all subjects at a higher level, but in the subjects that they specialize in, then they must be close to it.

The knowledge a teacher requires rather depends on the subject and the grade you have elected to teach at.  A bachelor’s degree will qualify most teachers to teach at elementary level as at this type of level you will probably have to teach a variety of subjects.

But as you progress into high school then teachers are required to specialize in one or perhaps two subjects, you will be also expected to have a deep knowledge of these subjects. It is quite common for high schools to require a bachelor’s degree in the chosen subject. You can also get a certificate to teach in this subject which will appeal more to employers.

Where to Teach

Good and appropriately qualified teachers can teach almost anywhere, in any educational establishment whatsoever. Great teachers are in constant demand all over the world, and particularly in developing areas such as China, Africa and India.

If you specialize in a niche area then your options may be a little more restricted but normally far more lucrative.  Having your qualifications and teaching certificates give you a passport to teach anywhere you like, and sometimes teaching abroad can be a most rewarding experience. You will find in countries where schooling is a privilege and not a given, that students are far more appreciative of your talents and are model pupils sucking in knowledge as a sponge.

Other Choices in Education

There are many worthwhile careers in education other than in the classroom, as teachers progress through their careers and become more senior then a great part of their job becomes administrative.

Most head teachers rarely actually teach in class, but they look to the education of their school as a whole. They inspire younger teachers to succeed in their labors and make sure the school achieves its academic goals and standards.

If you love working with kids but for whatever reason do not have the required teaching qualifications then look at the other options available: school administrator, school social worker, school behavior analyst, school librarian, school counselor, school careers adviser, the list is almost endless.

Choosing a career in teaching is not an easy decision, and it should not be based on anything but a desire to care and pass on knowledge. Teaching is not a job, and it is more than a career, it is a true vocation that does not end when the school bell signals end of class. But for those that are willing to make the sacrifice to become a teacher it can be one of the most rewarding professions that there is.