Opportunities for School Leavers in Italy

Opportunities for School Leavers in Italy

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Italy has been one of the hardest EU states to be hit by the current economic crisis that began in early 2000. And the impact on youth employment has been prolific, especially of the demographic between the north and south of the country. Since 2009 this unemployment has continued to rise, but those young people who manage to get jobs are less likely to leave them. This means it is harder for young Italians to find a job if they lose one. To address this continually growing problem the government has been developing young people’s initiatives promoting education, ways of accessing work, vocational skill enhancing, business start-up plans, work experience schemes and social and cultural activities.


To give youngsters the opportunity to prepare for the big wide world, there are traineeships in business and public corporations via study grants which can be as much as EUR 500 per month.

Agricultural Entrepreneurship

This proposition mainly for southern regions of Italy enables people between eighteen and forty to start up agricultural businesses. They benefit from concessions that are intended to facilitate structural differences needed to make their own type of business healthy and profitable.

Business Start-up Program

There is an active program to encourage young people to apply for funds to start up a new business. And youngsters can apply for concessions on things like bank loans and security for loans so that the young entrepreneurs of Italy can obtain the appropriate funding.


This program is meant to get the youth of Italy mobile so that they can attend what they need to. This program promotes travel opportunities for graduates, job-seekers, entrepreneurs, researchers and unemployed youth. This means that they can attend traineeships, exchanges, study visits, technology transfers, and work skill opportunities.


One-way youth unemployment can be solved is by the increased number of scholarships, Borse di studio Pegaso is an initiative by Pegasus Scholarships that helps to finance scholarships. The aim of this initiative is to help graduates to attain international doctorates at top universities. And to give vouchers for research doctorates to develop their skills in specific in the areas of research, and specialist areas which will benefit both them and Italy.


This program is to teach higher skills to the young unemployed Italians and to provide education courses providing a high level of technical and vocational training. This initiative is mainly for students that have attained diploma di maturita. All these initiatives are gather together under one banner, namely the Giovanisi project which mainly is for the young unemployed of Tuscany. The Italian government have many such projects all over the country that have the aim to get unemployed educated with learning and skills whilst they have no work. With the inclusion of structural funding from the Meridione and the disposal of EUR 3.7 billion to the education and employment sectors, the feeling is that the youth of Italy have a bright future. The current economic position is getting better and better as Europe pulls out of this considerable depression that seems to have been with us for so long, and Italy will benefit as a consequence.