The Benefits of Attending Conferences – Part 1

The Benefits of Attending Conferences – Part 1

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Conferences have been around for a very long time, long before there were webinars, podcasts, social media, YouTube etc. So, is it really necessary to attend a seminar or conference in person anymore? And what more do you attain from gathering in a live venue to learn and sharpen skill set? Conferences, workshops and seminars provide a unique environment for learning, and the possibility to network face to face is invaluable. In this blog we highlight the benefits of conferencing as opposed to other more modern ways of learning.

Meet Experts in the Flesh

Attending conferences is all about physical interaction, there are opportunities to meet some of the greatest guru’s in your field of business, the people that inspire you and that you idolize. Sometimes it is simply the case to get the opportunity to meet your heroes and take a selfie, but more seriously you may get the chance to pose a relevant question that has been baffling you.

Getting Out of Your Work Environment

Attending a purposely built conference center and preparing yourself the night before, put you in the right frame of mind to learn. Getting away from the routine workplace and perhaps the mundane everyday tasks we all must do is a great way to focus. Many times, you will return to the office from a conference with new verve and different ways to approach situations.

Networking Opportunities

Social media and such is a fine platform for keeping in touch and abreast of news, however meeting people in person has no substitute. All correctly run seminars and conferences have opportunities to deliberately let the delegates network together, either in breakout groups or workshops. You will have the opportunity to strengthen old acquaintances and form new relationships. Perhaps during a coffee break you will bump into somebody who will have the answer you have been looking for. Perhaps at lunch you may find yourself sitting next to your next customer. All these things are possible when you attend such an event personally and will not happen simply surfing the net.

New Products Displayed

Many conferences have the opportunity to physically see new products, and act as a product launch platform. There is nothing like physically touching and assessing a product. Having the opportunity of discussing with the originator of the product, learning all about its characteristics and benefits will save you pouring over data product sheets for weeks. You can pose questions about new features and benefits from the very people that developed the product and not just opinionated third party data.

Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Everybody feels relaxed in their own comfort zone, but live events force you out of this situation. You do not know many other delegates at a conference and therefore make special attempts to learn and not to sound ignorant. Some of this is because you do not want to look a fool asking stupid questions in front of strangers, and the other reason is that you may want to look intelligent to impress. Breaking out of your comfort zone is a great way to break the mold in your old ways of thinking, you are more likely to look at new ideas and consider different ways to do things. In part two of this blog we will look at more advantages of attending conferences.