The Qualities that are Required to be a Teacher

The Qualities that are Required to be a Teacher

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Being a teacher is not just about passing exams and obtaining a teaching certificate, there are many qualities that are required by would be teachers above and beyond education certificates. Teaching can be a most rewarding career, which is for the people who have the correct qualities to teach. If you think back to your school days, who were the teachers that you liked, and why? Why could certain teachers impart learning and others could not? The qualities that we have identified are essential for pursuing the vocation of teaching and will help in the career of any teacher. Some can be learned and some are inherent that you are born with and, no matter how hard you try, cannot be learned.


Although a teacher has to maintain discipline, there is no reason why this cannot be done in a congenial manner. A teacher should show compassion and friendship to his students, be available to share private problems and most of all approachable. Teachers should never be rude or arrogant, you need your students to respect you.

Lively Personality

As a teacher, your personality is key to getting a point over, students are attracted to engaging and animated teachers. Communication is better and thus understanding is better which in turn drives better results.

Subject Knowledge

There is a saying, A teacher is only as good as his knowledge is. A teacher must know his stuff, he is there to impart knowledge and that is what he is getting paid for. If a teacher lacks knowledge, then he cannot possibly teach. You need to develop your knowledge in the field you are teaching. And if you do not have sufficient knowledge, then take further courses to develop.

A Good Communicator

High on the list of becoming a teacher is to have excellent communication skills, you may be the most brilliant teacher in the school, but if you can’t get your subject matter over to the pupils then it is of no consequence. A teacher should be an eloquent and natural speaker, who is clear and loud in the classroom. If the communication skills are not good then students will turn off and not listen. But if a teacher can deliver lectures loud and precise to get over his subject then classes will pay more attention and results will be better.

A Good Listener

As well as being a good orator, a teacher needs to know when to listen, there is an old Turkish saying, if speaking is silver, listening is gold. A good listener not only makes classroom friends but can understand the pulse of what the class requires. Listening is not often listed as one of the top requirements for a teacher, but to be a really good teacher it is imperative.

Sense of Humor

Teaching and learning can be very stressful, the classroom environment can be terrifying to teachers and students alike. A sense of humor by a teacher will help to break down barriers, to make the school master position approachable to students. It is a characteristic of a great personality and a good sense of humor is admired by students. All of the above are qualities that the best teachers have in their armory, if at first you do not have them all then you should be working on ways to improve them.